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Kitchology helps balance money, time and nutrition. Create or bring and share your recipes, shape ready to make dishes to your nutritional needs. Find a way to stretch your dollars and not waste food as much as before. Learn what works and what does not work and improve your food choices, saving you time and money.

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Easter Sweets Apr 24, 2014

Easter is one of my favorite holidays! It’s a great excuse for my extended family to get together, eat some good food, and share a few laughs. Easter egg hunts and candy are just an added plus to this festive holiday!  Everyone loves Halloween for the candy, but for me, Easter has always been infinitely better. For as long as […]

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@kitchology "POM v. #Coca-Cola at the Supreme Court: The Mind Boggles" http://t.co/yGgqxtrwTJ http://t.co/y5rzHpnzWW #nutrition
Apr 23, 2014

@kitchology Study Seeks Participants for Its National Study to Help Advance #Celiac Disease Research | #gluten-free easily http://t.co/cjn6b38zOI
Apr 22, 2014