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Kitchology balances demands of money, time and nutrition. Create and share your recipes, shape dishes to your nutritional needs. Find a way to stretch your dollar and avoid wasting food.

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The World’s Best Gluten-Free Lasagna Jul 29, 2015

It is National Lasagna Day! Original Image by David K via Flickr Oh what sweet Italian joy, this should be a holiday celebrated as Presidents’ Day in my family! Lasagna is a delicious Italian specialty that layers of gooey cheesy goodness, succulent noodles, savory meat (with a bit of spice) and rich gravy! Yes gravy in an Italian family […]

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@Kitchology Kick off #NationalLasagnaDay with a #paleo Lasagna using butternut squash 'noodle' via @be_healthful http://t.co/DchfZqrdyO"
Jul 29, 2015

@Kitchology Give this #vegan & #dairyfree Lasagna recipes via @CHOW for some tasty inspiration! http://t.co/DchfZqrdyO"
Jul 29, 2015

@Kitchology #foodallergies aside we have Lasagna recipes that are allergy safe for #NationalLasagnaDay #foodiechats http://t.co/DchfZqrdyO"
Jul 29, 2015