Finding the right food to meet personalized diet is hard. Let us work together to make it easy.

  •  What ingredients can I substitute?

  • Will the recipe still taste good? 

  • How do I find low glycemic compliant foods?

  • What kind of dairy is right for me?

  • If i can't buy this product, what should i do?

  • Can i improve my shopping list 


Nutritional Cooking
Diet = {Ingredients Out, Ingredients In}
New App
 = {API get, we did the work for you}
Healthy Diet
Data Science APIs for Precision Diets

Powering the APIs, Kitchology is a data science platform that recommends ingredients and products and substitutions based on list. This capability can be used to modify recipes, shopping lists, inventory planning, request to delivery service, the works.


By presenting choices to consumers about products and ingredients, by suggesting the addition of foods that can be associated based on pantry inventory, food pairing or likes- dislikes, Kitchology enables application developers to increase engagement and complement current apps.

We deliver data-driven APIs for you to create
better health outcomes and rich end-user engagement

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The Platform behind the APIs
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  • Comprehensive nutritional data down to the micronutrient level
  • Serving sizes
  • % Daily allowances 
  • 73 Diets mapped to Wellness, Medical, and Lifestyle 
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  • Over 600,000 manufacturer and brand identification
  • Products matched to ingredients
  • Greater than 200 product categories
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  • Thousands of unique ingredients
  • Thousands of core ingredients for taste, like/dislike profiling
  • Thousands of core ingredients for substitution and categories
Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 5.34.07 PM.png
  • Greater than 500,000 ingredient substitution rules
  • 80,000 Ingredient pairing/tasting rules

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