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Kitchology balances demands of money, time and nutrition. Create and share your recipes, shape dishes to your nutritional needs. Find a way to stretch your dollar and avoid wasting food.

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Comfort Foods in a Pinch for Your Summer Storms Aug 04, 2015

Summer brings sun, grilling, outdoor life and fun times. Summer also bring storms. Heavy rain, lightning, trees dancing in the wind are often part of our summer experience (not in the desert of course!). Summer storms bring everyone inside.  With the kids now restless, hearty comfort food might be in order. This week’s Kitchology’s Top 3 brings […]

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@Kitchology "Gluten-free Fish Pane Dish" from @Kitchology is tasty, healthy and a wonderful Summer meal! http://t.co/bhdyQtwLzT"
Aug 04, 2015

@Kitchology There is a wide array of Cinnamon with varying flavors & textures different from the sweet sensation we are used to! http://t.co/S1YB9TlgbL"
Aug 03, 2015

@Kitchology The Nutritional Value of Raspberries/Blackberries is Incredible Check Out this Infographic from @visually Learn More http://t.co/Lku4Tte5ZN"
Aug 03, 2015