Decide better. Eat better.
The first integrated cooking platform for special diets. We help you find and prepare food that fits your lifestyle.
Your Goals
Set foods to avoid, nutrition goals, or taste preferences
Avoid peanuts
Avoid shellfish
Only kosher
Reduce sugar
I am pregnant
Reduce fat
I hate cilantro
I am vegan
Plan a Meal, Explore Recipes
Choose recipes from theme-based channels, select recipes by ingredient, or cook with what you have on hand.
“I want pork satay.”
“I need tuna fish.”
“I need to make a meal for myself and my gluten intolerant friend.”
Match to Your Goals
Evaluate your lifestyle goals against your choices to filter recipes or suggest substitutions to make food that you can eat.
Thai Pork Skewers

“Replace peanuts with crushed, dried chickpeas.”

“Replace soy sauce with low sodium beef broth, cider vinegar, and black molasses.”

“Pregnant women should limit consumption of canned tuna.”
Discover New Insight into Food
The Kitchen Assistant is here to provide tips and additional information.
“What exactly is gluten intolerance anyway?”
“Black molasses? Is that the same as regular molasses?”
“What is the difference between crushing and pressing?”
Share with a Purpose
Help others with special diets benefit from your experience. Share your recommendations through pictures, comments, and social media.
“Toasted chickpeas work best. They actually have a nutty flavor!”
70% of users had a positive rating of this substitution
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