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APIs for Precision Diets
Information about the APIS can be found at

The APIs support:

Ingredient: Dynamic information such as substitutions or alternatives that can be dependent on a user profile. Returns details regarding ingredients such as categorizations, nutrition, and flavor profile.

Product: Information regarding products. This can include attributes such as ingredients, manufacturer, UPC, and health concerns. It also can return dynamic information such as product alternatives.

Recipe: Information regarding recipes. Simple attributes can be returned such as address components (ingredients, steps/instructions, amounts), food concerns, nutrition, etc. Recipes can be filtered based on food restrictions, likes and dislikes, cuisines, and meal type. Provides nutrition metadata.

Diet: Information regarding specific diets.


Concerns are conditions you are managing. They cover allergies, diet choices, and more. They include (as of Q1 2022):

Avoid Dairy

Avoid eggs

Avoid gluten

Avoid peanuts

Avoid sesame

Avoid shellfish

Avoid soy

Avoid sulfite

Avoid tree nuts

Avoid wheat

Avoid fish

I am pregnant

I am nursing

I have reflux

Reduce glycemic index

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