Our Story
Kitchology has a vision of empowering all people living with personalized diets to live better and healthier lives.  We started our journey building a community surrounding food allergies and food intolerances by providing personalized recommendations.  Powered by data science, we determined that we could provide the right tools, information, and support to encourage people to make better food decisions eventually leading to better health and wellness outcomes. .  



The Kitchology platform is designed to maximize the knowledge gained from consumers. This is done by:

  • Presenting, rather than filtering, product choices to accommodate diet goals

  • Asking for non-intrusive validation of elements for profiles being developed

  • Suggesting the addition of foods that can associated with other products based on pantry inventory, food pairing or likes/dislikes

  • Asking consumers to suggest their ideas for modifications and reasons behind those                                        


The Kitchology platform supports:

  • Assessing buyer readiness for ingredients and products for different lifestyles and contexts

  • Assessing combinations/pairing trends driven by inventory, likes, nutritional goals

  • Testing appeal products (line extensions, repositioning of existing products, new product forms, or duplicates of competitors)

  • Delivering personalized and contextualized ingredient and product recommendations.

Our Leadership

Iris Sherman, MBA 
Barbara Boyce, DHSc, RD 
Alain Briancon, PhD 
Ryan Havey,
Sr. Data Scientist
Luke Lamar 
Ian Durham,PhD 
Sr Data Scientist

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