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Kitchology is a social cooking platform that empowers people with special diets including food allergies to rediscover the world of food.  Our sophisticated substitution engine works to provide personalized ingredient recommendations and customized recipes, allowing consumers to plan, shop, and prepare meals on their own terms.

We put cooks at the center of our design to make cooking social as a means to deal with special dietary needs. Using powerful tools and powered by Kitchology's Kitchen Science (tm), cooks plan and build recipe collections that account for food allergies/intolerances, diets, preparation time, and ingredients they love. Based on their profile, we automatically provide ingredient substitutions, integrating flavor management and nutritional content. 

What is Kitchology's Kitchen Science(tm)? Kitchology's Kitchen Science is a cross-disciplinary approach to balancing nutrition needs and culinary know-how designed to foster better food decisions. A tall order. Let us brag. Kitchology's Kitchen Science starts by capturing knowledge through software, observing how people make food decisions. It also involves a massive proprietary database of more 480,000 substitution rules and 80,000 culinary rules. We use software to search this database for the right rules to make recommendations.  Kitchology's Kitchen Science uses a proprietary ontology (fancy word for classification, but we are geeks) to capture information and knowledge about foods. This ontology focused on how people use foods, not the fancier (yet relevant) biology. Sure, a tomato is a fruit. But, you don't put in a fruit salad. Kitchology's Kitchen Science captures that information. Sure, cilantro looks like parsley, but it sure tastes different. Egg substitutions are not the same whether you deal with a pie or an omelet. Finding a ingredient that is sweet enough but not too fat for a recipe is not that obvious. How to deal with carbs? sugar? All these rules are captured and used to make the best recommendations.  How do we learn how real people with real needs and real pantries think and organize their shopping All these insights are captured and more in Kitchology's Kitchen Science software and ontology with one goal. Let the consumers make better decisions. Because... if you decide better, you eat better.

If you look at food as wellness because of a medical decison or lifestyle choice, Kitchology allows you to plan, purchase, cook and share your food experience. 

Go the setting section and select the type of food you would love to avoid. We will take care of the rest. 

We organize recipes in channels based on themes, diets, and partners. Think of channels as the TV channels on your cable box. Some are curated by food bloggers, others trusted partners. We have two special channels: the on-hand channel that lets you find recipes based on ingredients; and the "The Big Kitchen in the Sky" that captures all the recipes that have meet our curation standards. 

On the mobile app, you can share recipe at the end of the cooking process. Only if you are a registered user. You can email, text, tweet your creation to tell the world.

Yes and we are quite proud of it. You can find recipes, information of ingredient substitutions, stories for people dealing with food allergy and intolerances, general information and a link to our marketplace. You can find our blog at http://blog.kitchology.com . Register on the site for our newsletter.

You can also find us on twitter @kitchenchick123 is where Iris Sherman our co-founder shares her views and insights. @kitchology is our main corporate twitter account.

Send an email to support@kitchology.com with as much information as you possibly do (or feel like). We will review it and try to address your problem as quickly as we can.


Channels are collections of recipes organized by theme. Some themes are obvious, like "Mexican Cuisine" or "In a Snap". Some are curated by food bloggers, other by partners, other by Kitchology Staff or guest chefs. We have two special channels. 

The on hand channel that allow you to find recipes based on ingredients... on hand. 

The "Big Kitchen in the Sky" that holds all the recipes curated to our exacting standards.

If you have interested curating a channel, drop us a line at info@kitchology.com



You cannot. You can modify the recipes you put in your recipe box, though. 


Many manufacturers add unrelated secondary ingredients to primary ingredients as binders, preservatives, to change the texture, or for a host of other purposes. In addition, many ingredients are manufactured and stored in environments in which allergens are present. Though a particular ingredient may appear safe, Kitchology recommends checking with the manufacturer and/or supplier to ensure full compliance.

Consider for instance chives or paprika. From an ingredient perspective, they are compliant with a gluten free diet. However, some manufacturers are using gluten as a binder. You must be be extra careful if the reason you are maintaining a diet for allergic reasons (rather than lifestyle).

We maintain a list of resources on our blog. Check https://blog.kitchology.com/resources/ for more information. 

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