The elevator pitch: Kitchology is big data for special diets

Kitchology is the first integrated social cooking platform for the 160 million Americans dealing with special diets and the suppliers that sell them $500B in groceries. At its core, Kitchology is a big data company that recommends ingredient substitutions during meal planning and shopping, and then analyzes consumers’ decisions and feedbacks. The app is free to consumers and integrates a social and food graph to help with adoption and stickiness. We offer our services to suppliers, brands, and retailers. Suppliers pay Kitchology for access to unique analytics for marketing and product design. They also pay Kitchology to publish content and present offers on the platform. Kitchology is big data for special diets.  

Market dynamics

The food industry is a busy one. Food consumption is a $1.7T business in the US. We are the mist of the greatest disruption on the food industry since the creation of processed food in the 1960s. The food business is disrupted by a major food revolution simultaneously powered by the “food is wellness” movement and by digital/mobile technology. Empowered by social media and the mobile internet, consumers personalize their food lifestyles. They define ingredients as good or bad, evangelize their experience (24% of mainstream consumers do on regular basis -Ketchum), driving specialty food (2015 sales $120B CAGR 11% -Mintel), forcing CPGs to invest $3.3B to acquire emerging brands in 2014 (CB Insights). The traditional New Product Introduction (NPI) processes needs updating.

Consumers are equating food as wellness and are basing their food choices on nutrition, the food source, and the method in which it is grown and prepared. Consumers broad embrace of food-related mobile innovations (finding recipes, product scanning, ordering groceries online, subscribing to delivery services, and sharing experiences through social media) upends the traditional consumer-brand relationships. Effectively managing the consumer experience is no longer a marketing nice-to-have. It is a necessity. Consumers are dissatisfied with the way food is developed for them, marketed to them, sold to them. Suppliers are dissatisfied with their ineffective marketing efforts to influence consumers during the billions of shopping trips and online purchases per year. Consumers are craving personalized and contextualized food recommendations for products, recipes, coupons and services to make informed choices.

Platform design principles: Kitchology's Kitchen Science(tm)

The food space is a busy space. The Food+tech or wellness+tech is just as busy. So how do we stand out and create value to consumers and suppliers? What makes Kitchology different from others?

When food is the challenge, the cook is the answer. So, we put the cook in the center of dealing with food with wellness. What does it mean?

  • Food is wellness
  • Cooking is never blindly following a recipe
  • Consumers are entitled to their own special diets
  • A special diet is simply a collection of ingredients that comply with the consumers diet
  • Recipe modifications are key to eating better.
  • Items in your pantry and fridge matter because they correlate to "likes"
  • Cooks' insight can (and should be) shared with purpose

If the cook is at the center of the design, consumers must trust that Kitchology is unbiased. Recommendations can never be bought. How do we deal with brands, retailers, wellness providers then? Advertising, offers must be clearly indicated as such so consumers know when we are getting paid for something. Recommendations are never bought.

Consumer Experience


Supplier experience and How do we create value?

The platform is designed to elicit choices from consumers in a fashion that maximizes the informational and knowledge of any interaction. By presenting choices to consumers about products and ingredients, by suggesting the addition of foods that can associated based on pantry inventory, food pairing or likes- dislikes, Kitchology captures contextual information that turns into key value for consumers and brands alike. This is very different from approaches based on filtering food choices many have taken. In contrast with other apps that manage diets through a “no, because" approach, we designed our platform as a “yes, if” approach. This creates empowerment driven value-add for consumers and suppliers alike. 

The platform is designed to maximize the knowledge gained from consumers. This is done by:

  • Presenting, rather than filtering, product choices to accommodate diet goals
  • Asking for non-intrusive validation of elements for profiles being developed
  • Suggesting the addition of foods that can associated with other products based on pantry inventory, food pairing or likes/dislikes
  • Asking consumers to suggest their ideas for modifications and reasons behind those

The Kitchology platform supports:

  • Assessing buyer readiness for ingredients and products for different lifestyles and contexts
  • Assessing combinations/pairing trends driven by inventory, likes, nutritional goals
  • Setting “working groups” to discuss and experiment with key products and ingredients
  • Testing appeal products (line extensions, repositioning of existing products, new product forms, or duplicates of competitors)
  • Delivering personalized and contextualized ingredient and product recommendations

Using the Kitchology platform, suppliers can expect dramatic improvements in the effectiveness of reaching out to and learning from consumers with special diets in the place where they make the most consequential decisions - the kitchen. Suppliers can foster consumers’ choices and experimentation in their kitchens and use the resulting data to design new products.

You can find our investor deck on proseeder, gust and other platforms. If you need more information on the platform, or the company, feel free to drop us a line at